Istanbul is one the most beautiful cities on earth. Each corner offers matchless scenes to those who want to see. There are just so many places to visit and see in the city of seven hills.

There are many places in Istanbul that will bring in more followers and more likes for you than others in the social media with the photographs you take while strolling there.

Let us rediscover Istanbul and see the places where you can enjoy the city the most and take its images better than everyone with the most beautiful scenes.



The witness to 400 years of the 600-year past of the Ottomans, Topkapi Palace is the most majestic building rising on the Historical Peninsula and also have a gorgeous scene of Istanbul. After touring the palace, you can enjoy a wide vista ranging from the Islands to Bosporus in Mecidiye Mansion had built by Sultan Abdülmecit.

The best mean of transport to the Historical Peninsula is obviously the tram line… You can get off the tramcar in Sultanahmet station and reach the scenery points after a short walk.



One of the oldest towers of Istanbul, Galata Tower is also one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the scenery. The tower that is the symbol of Beyoğlu (Pera) today adds beauty to Istanbul’s silhouette. You can take the lift up to the top of Galata Tower and enjoy the panoramic scene of the Istanbul Strait, the Golden horn, and the Historical Peninsula.

Galata Tower is located in the middle of the Tunnel and Karaköy. You can use the Tunnel that is the world’s second oldest subway to get there. Enter Kumbaracı Slope through the Tunnel and you are at Galata Tower 5 minutes later.


Büyük Valide Han (Grand Mother Inn) located in Mercan-Eminönü is a point of attraction for its splendid landscape. We are sure you remember Büyük Valide Han from the social media. Back in the days, it was rather popular to be photographed while jumping on its roof. Well, when the historical domes of this inn had built by Kösem Sultan have been damaged because of these jumps, it has been prohibited to go up its roof; but there’s no harm in trying.

For Süleymaniye and Büyük Valide Han, which constitute one of the best places to enjoy the scenery in Istanbul, you are ought to come to Eminönü. You can get off the tramcar in Eminönü station, or the metro train in the Golden Horn station, and also use the marine transportation like ferry or motorboats.



Two hundred and sixty eight meters high and one of the best places to give a bird’s eye view of Istanbul, Grand Çamlıca Hill offers its visitors an enchanting panoramic landscape. It is very pleasant to watch the strait from the hill wherefrom you can see a vast region ranging from the Historical Peninsula to Rumelihisarı.

One of Istanbul’s most famous points to enjoy the scenery, Çamlıca is a little bit hard to reach, but if you have a private car, it is a must to come here around 5 or 6 p.m., sit there until the sunset, and photograph the strait especially during the sunset.



Located between Beylerbeyi and Kuleli on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Çengelköy may be the most beautiful bay of the Bosporus. The Historical Çınaraltı Tea Garden is the most important point of Çengelköy, this cute locality where the neighborhood culture still continues. Since Çengelköy is at the curve of the Bosporus exactly, it can be said that it is the best point to enjoy the scene of the Istanbul Strait.

It is important to go to the tea garden, which very popular in both summer and winter, early. Before going there, buy some phyllo pastry from Çengelköy Börekçisi on the avenue and enjoy the scenery while eating it with the tea of Çınaraltı. By the way, the plane tree in whose shade people have been drinking tea since 1967 is roughly 800 years old according to measurements.


Located on top of Büyükada, Hagia Yorgi Church and Yücetepe Country Casino next to it have the most beautiful scene of the islands. It is a little laborious to reach this beauty, but the scene you will see in return is simply matchless. We are telling you…