These days, photography has become a bit ordinary. Nevertheless, there are also a limited number of people who strike everybody with admiration with the frames they have taken. One of those names who give inspiration, bring new perspectives with their photographs is Mustafa Seven who defines himself as a street photographer.

Greatly successful in Instagram with 1.6 million followers, there is a separate story in each photograph taken by Mustafa Seven who defines himself as a ‘story teller’. Seven says that ‘passion is sine qua non’ for photography.

We share with you “Istanbul’s 8 Best Selfie Points” selected for a phone brand by Seven who has compiled the frames, each one more beautiful than the other, he had taken since 2010 in a book titled Istanbul. Maybe you too grab your camera or mobile phone and take passionate photographs like Seven, thus making your own dreams come true on the 13th of January ‘Make Your Dream Come True Day’.

Here’s Istanbul’s 8 best selfie points…


Hagia Sophia

Not only important in the world of art for its architecture, magnificence, size, and functionality, Hagia Sophia that has been standing for one thousand five hundred years is also one of Istanbul’s most photo-worthy places.


Galata Tower

Watching the city for hundreds of years with its grandiose structure, the subject of all sorts of stories, the first thing coming to mind when one says Istanbul, Galata Tower is a rare element for photographers.


Belgrade Forest

Known as Istanbul’s lungs, the Belgrade Forest is one of the escape points Istanbul’s citizens visit to take a breath, for its natural life, aqueducts, and peaceful environment. Wherever you prefer to take a selfie, it will be a great photograph.

belgrad ormanı

Istiklal Avenue

Istiklal Avenue is one of the places most visited not only by tourists but all Istanbul citizens, too. Glittering stores, nostalgic streetcar, street musicians, the crowd, whichever you take into your viewfinder, you can catch beautiful frames.


Tema Vehbi Koç Nature Culture Center

Fatih Grove Tema Vehbi Koç Nature Culture Center, formerly known as Otağtepe, is one of the places with the most beautiful Bosphorus scene. Regardless of your point of view, this place gives you a beautiful photograph.



The historical Grand Mecidiye Mosque is the first place to come to mind about Istanbul Ortaköy. Although we know it as Ortaköy Mosque, mistakenly, it is one of the most favored places for the photography lovers thanks to its unique location and lace-like magnificence.


Maiden’s Tower

The historical Maiden’s Tower is one of Istanbul’s matchless beauties. The structure decorated with legends defies the years on a rock at the entrance of Bosphorus. Do not forget to take a selfie with the Maiden’s Tower, which is symbol of Üsküdar, in the background.

Kız kulesi

Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is one of the most important places that unites Istanbul’s historical texture with the energy of daily life. Photo-worthy any time of the day, the Golden Horn is one of Istanbul’s most preferred selfie points.