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These days, photography has become a bit ordinary. Nevertheless, there are also a limited number of people who strike everybody with admiration with the frames they have taken. One of those names who give inspiration, bring new perspectives with their photographs is Mustafa Seven who defines himself as a street photographer. Greatly successful in Instagram with 1.6 million followers, there is a separate story in each photograph taken by Mustafa Seven who defines himself as a ‘story teller’. Seven says that ‘passion is sine qua non’ for photography. We share with you “Istanbul's 8 Best Selfie Points” selected for a phone [...]

ISTANBUL’S 8 UNIQUE SELFIE POINTS2020-01-13T12:35:31+03:00
  • Çiçek Pasajı


On Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul's most frequented avenue, Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passage) tops the list of the well-known places of entertainment. The most decorated building of Beyoğlu thanks to its spectacular ornaments, Çiçek Pasajı is by far the first answer given to the question "What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Beyoğlu" in a survey conducted by the Association of Beautification of Beyoğlu. Let's take a look at the history of this entertaining place and why it is called Çiçek Pasajı. After the collapse of Naum Theater, considered one of the European culture centers of [...]

WE HAVE FUN IN ÇIÇEK PASAJI2020-01-10T09:31:43+03:00
  • Yıldız Palace Museum Exterior


Which palace does come to your mind first when it comes to the palaces in Istanbul? Is it Topkapı Palace built by the Ottomans after conquering the city and exhibiting a magnificence of 600 years today? Or is it Dolmabahçe Palace with its magnificent splendor overlooking the Bosporus? We know, the features of both palaces are innumerable. However, we will talk about another Palace in this issue; Yıldız Palace that left its mark on the final era of the Ottomans. Come on, let's visit together this Palace that is located between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy and very different from the others. IT [...]

THE LAST PALACE OF ISTANBUL2019-12-17T12:41:09+03:00
  • Taksim İstiklal Avenue Tramway


Istanbul is a city that welcomes as many tourists as its own population every year. Come here for business or entertainment, the thing that determines the course of your visit is to select the hotel you will stay at in such a big metropolis. While selecting a hotel, the price seems to be the top determinant at first. However, although the price of the hotel you will choose is low, if your demands are not met, that accommodation experience may be not that much pleasant. In other words, it is more important than anything that the hotel you will choose can [...]

DON’T ASK ‘WHICH HOTEL’, ASK ‘WHERE WILL I STAY’2019-12-17T11:59:49+03:00
  • Special Herbal Winter Tea


This winter is rather different from the seasonal normal. It is like the winter has not come yet... However, you can benefit from the herbal teas to warm your inside in cold weather and get the strength and health support you need. Here is some of the herbal teas Midtown Hotel offers to you in its winter menu, and their most important benefits. GINGER TEA The first resort for common cold and cough, the health source ginger is also known to be good for nausea. The ginger that accelerates the metabolism also assists to lose weight through certain cures. Ginger that [...]

ARE YOU READY FOR WINTER?2019-12-17T11:33:02+03:00
  • İstanbul by the sea


Istanbul is a meeting point for numerous tastes ranging from traditional to innovative. We have prepared a small guide for those who ask “Where can we eat dessert in Istanbul?” Check how many of these flavors you have tasted, and how many of them will end up in your list of things to do this weekend.   CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE When we start craving for sweet, it is enough to hear even the name of chocolate souffle. For this dessert that enables you to feel the liquid taste of chocolate to your heart's content, we suggest Parole. It is exactly on the [...]

ISTANBUL’S DESSERT GUIDE2019-12-02T11:16:48+03:00
  • İstanbul View Amazing Fantasy


In October, two different comics events, each more striking than the other, are counting the days to meet visitors in Istanbul. This year, it will be the 3rd time Comikon Istanbul and Istanbul Comics & Art Festival ICAF open doors to visitors. With their spectacular guests and colorful events, here's the details of those two big comics festivals you should make sure to visit in October:   GUEST OF HONOR: MANGAKA OF ATTACK ON TITAN Comikon Istanbul conveys the Comic Convention (Comic-Con) event held in all big metropolises of the world for long years to Istanbul. Accordingly, it aims to help [...]

ISTANBUL WILL BE SATED WITH COMICS!2019-10-25T11:06:13+03:00

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