Istanbul is a huge city that has witnessed hundreds of love stories in its long history. The most prominent two buildings of the city, Galata Tower and the Maiden’s Tower, are starring in this story.

Galata Tower is a unique building commanding Istanbul by overlooking the city from a height. Alone and enchanting in the Bosphorus, the Maiden’s Tower is a building that has become the center of attention for the entire city. Although each one of them has numerous legends of its own, the most beautiful one is the love between them.

The Maiden’s Tower was built by the Greeks in the 5th century BC. For years, it has caused all lovers to sit down and watch the Maiden’s Tower from Salacak Coast. The Maiden’s Tower had felt its loneliness more and more while watching the lovers in return…

One day, Galata Tower rose in all its enchanting stance… It is estimated to have been built by the Romans in the year 507. At that moment, the Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower fell in love with each other in front of all Istanbul. However, that the huge Istanbul Strait getting in the way has made their love impossible.

The Maiden’s Tower had been pining away day by day because of this impossible love. Grieved to see the Maiden’s Tower like this, Galata Tower had been writing letters and poems to express its feelings.

One fine day, Ahmet Çelebi climbed to the top of Galata Tower. His intention was to fly from there to Üsküdar. Before he took off, Galata Tower had told Ahmet Çelebi about his love and given his letters to him. Unable to be indifferent to the impossibility of this love, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi took the letters and jumped off Galata Tower.

That day, the wind was so strong that the letters were scattered all over the Bosphorus. Still, the Maiden’s Tower understood how big Galata Tower’s love for her was and uttered her love for him by singing with the seagulls. Since the lovers had managed to express, in a way, their love for each other, both Towers have shined in Istanbul day after day…

This legendary love has been an inspiration for generations and for Istanbul.

Happy February 14, Valentine’s Day!