Best Rate Guaranteed

If you see a lower price at another website within 24 hours after you make reservations at, Midtown Hotel will give you the lower price for the whole reservation period (maximum 10 days) as well as 25% additional discount over that lower price. In addition, you will be given a room of the higher category depending on whether it is available during your check-in.

The Best Rate Guarantee is subject to specific conditions. Please read the following conditions before requesting Best Rate Guarantee:

Terms and Conditions for the Best Rate Guarantee

The Best Rate Guarantee demand you will submit through will be replied within maximum 24 hours on business days.

This applies only to reservations made through

If you find a lower price (“Comparison Price”) than the price at which you have made reservation at (same hotel type, same room type, same number of persons, and same check-in and check-out dates) after you complete your reservation at, please send an e-mail to the e-mail address given below by writing “Demand for Best Rate Guarantee” in the subject field.

The reservation conditions of the lower price found at another website must be the same as the reservation conditions available at (Price and cancellation conditions, advance payment and deposit, type of currency)

The price of the compared website must be viewable and possible to reserve on-line.

The price of the compared website must be public.

If the demand for Best Rate Guarantee is made for a reservation of more than one night, the website containing the comparison price shall be used to compare the average of each night in order to ensure equal reservation. The Best Rate Guarantee is not applicable in the following cases:

Prices obtained from websites making package sales (reservation in which accommodation and plane tickets or transfers are combined)

Prices given directly by mail or electronic mail requests

Prices for accommodation exceeding ten (10) consecutive days.

Prices of “unidentified” websites whose the name and/or type is not known until reservation is completed or any payment is made or auction websites (like or

Midtown Hotel Istanbul reserves the right to modify or cancel the Best Rate Guarantee at any time.

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