Istanbul is a city that can still enthrall both the people who have discovered it recently and the people who have been living here for years. We have chosen the most romantic destinations for those who will celebrate Valentine’s Day in Istanbul.


Maiden’s Tower

One of the most romantic buildings witnessing the history of the city, the Maiden’s Tower is one of the ideal spaces for Valentine’s Day thanks to its own story. You can go to the Maiden’s Tower by rowing boats and spend minutes of pleasure against the unique beauty of Istanbul.

Maiden Tower

Galata Tower

By climbing up Galata Tower, which is one of the city’s symbols, you can enjoy bird’s-eye view of the historical peninsula. Another interesting detail of Galata Tower is the rumor that you marry the person you climb this tower together with.

Besides, you can enjoy your day in a warm environment in the wine houses around Galata.

Galata Tower

Çamlıca Hill

One of the highest points of Istanbul, Çamlıca Hill is so beautiful that it has inspired countless poems and songs. You can take a stroll on Çamlıca Hill with your beloved one and have a nice time in the restaurants around.

Çamlıca Hill

Bosphorus Tour

The couples who want to be alone together may take an evening tour against the excellent Bosphorus landscape on boats for hire. The couples who want to spend time by synchronizing themselves with the city, on the other hand, may take a one-hour panoramic cruise by participating in the Bosphorus tours departing from Kabataş Pier.

Bosphorus Tour

J’adore Chocolatier

Located on Istiklal Avenue, this cute café has a rather ideal ambient for the couples who want to make a reference to nostalgic French movies. It is the right address for a classic Valentine’s Day accompanied with red checkered tablecloths, minimal music, and intense chocolate smell.

Atatürk Arboretum

Home to numerous different species of plants, Atatürk Arboretum hosts an extraordinary romanticism. It is ideal for those who want to walk among the rows of trees and have a calm day by the lake.

Pierre Loti

A point where you will find the exact meaning of the word romantic, Pierre Loti has been named after a French writer whose real name is Louis Marie Julien Viaud. You can enjoy your time in Pierre Loti café that overlooks the entire Golden Horn from Eyüp to Eminönü.