Midtown Hotel Stockholm Meeting Room


Our meeting hall Stockholm is named after the environmental summit which was held in Stockholm and accepted as "June 5 World Environment Day". Convenient for personal celebrations as well as business meetings, 49 m2 wide..

Midtown Hotel Rio Meeting Room


Our meeting hall Rio is named after the environmental summit which was held in Rio and accepted as "March 22 World Water Day". Convenient for different uses as well as your business meetings, 64 m2 wide Rio Meeting Hall is practical..

Midtown Hotel New Meeting Room


Our Kyoto Hall is named after Kyoto, where the convention against the global warming has been signed. For all your meetings from 24 to 110 participants, 80 m2 wide Kyoto meeting hall can be arranged as per your choice from..

Midtown Hotel Barcelona Meeting Room


Our meeting hall Barcelona is named after the environmental summit held in Barcelona, in which the "Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution" has been accepted. With its Board Meeting seating arrangement..