This winter is rather different from the seasonal normal. It is like the winter has not come yet… However, you can benefit from the herbal teas to warm your inside in cold weather and get the strength and health support you need.

Here is some of the herbal teas Midtown Hotel offers to you in its winter menu, and their most important benefits.



The first resort for common cold and cough, the health source ginger is also known to be good for nausea. The ginger that accelerates the metabolism also assists to lose weight through certain cures. Ginger that boosts up the immune system is also good for muscle pain. Due to its bitter taste, the ginger tea is generally consumed with honey.




Linden is used traditionally to calm down and reduce fever. This tea drunk when it gets cold in winter especially gives resistance against sicknesses such as common cold, influenza, coughing, and snuffles. It boosts the body resistance up by strengthening the metabolism.




Good for common cold and coughing, rose hip tea relaxes the digestive system. The rose hip fruit is very rich in vitamin C. It detoxes the body.




The tea of hibiscus plant, which is crimson in color, includes very powerful antioxidants and strengthens the immune system. It is used for easier breathing during influenza and coughing. It slows down the aging process and renews the cells. It includes high amount of vitamin C.


The herbal teas that will warm you inside and give you health, and constitute the focal point of Midtown Hotel’s menu are not limited to these. Come and reduce the effect of winter with the herbal teas of Midtown Hotel ranging from echinacea to ginger, from hibiscus to linden, from chamomile to fennel.