Istanbul is a meeting point for numerous tastes ranging from traditional to innovative. We have prepared a small guide for those who ask “Where can we eat dessert in Istanbul?” Check how many of these flavors you have tasted, and how many of them will end up in your list of things to do this weekend.



When we start craving for sweet, it is enough to hear even the name of chocolate souffle. For this dessert that enables you to feel the liquid taste of chocolate to your heart’s content, we suggest Parole. It is exactly on the left side when you reach Asmalı on your way from Tunnel to Taksim.


Hatay’s gift to Turkey with its warm cheese and crispy kadaif, kanafeh is made in almost all kebab shops, but there are places where you can find the best of this dessert as well. We suggest you Hamdi Restaurant that serves kanafeh with plenty of pistachio in copper plate. In addition to its center in Fatih, it has a branch in Beyoğlu.


We would have been doing it wrong if we had omitted the patisserie that invented it while talking about profiterole. Evacuated a few years ago from the building in which it had been serving since 1944, the patisserie has begun to serve again this time in Beyoğlu Mis Street. Thus, we have maintained our connection with this unique taste.


Is there anyone who did not hear it? This burnt cheesecake that is not that much renowned even in San Sebastián city of Spain has had Istanbul under its spell. So much so that people are queuing for San Sebastian cheesecake in front of B Blok Bakery in Akaretler, Beşiktaş. What are we doing then? We go and try this Spanish dessert in B Blok Bakery.