In October, two different comics events, each more striking than the other, are counting the days to meet visitors in Istanbul.

This year, it will be the 3rd time Comikon Istanbul and Istanbul Comics & Art Festival ICAF open doors to visitors.

With their spectacular guests and colorful events, here’s the details of those two big comics festivals you should make sure to visit in October:



Comikon Istanbul conveys the Comic Convention (Comic-Con) event held in all big metropolises of the world for long years to Istanbul. Accordingly, it aims to help talented youths earn international recognition and vision by coming together with world-renowned masters. From this year on, Comikon Istanbul will be held in Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Center, which is a more central place. The event dates have been set as October 19-20.

TV TOKYO, an important anime production company that has created world-renowned series like Naruto, Boruto, One Punch Man, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Soul Eater, Evangelion, Gintama, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh will offer its original anime products and V-Tuber (Virtual Youtuber) technologies to anime lovers.

Asurafilm, a studio that has participated in production of numerous important animes like Doraemon, MonsterZ MATE, GUNDAM, BATMAN NINJA, Berserk, Altair: A Record of Battles, Little Witch Academia, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, will be a guest of Comikon. Asurafilm will both describe the Japanese anime industry through its experienced animators and producers and hunt for new talents by reviewing the young talents’ portfolios.

Asurafilm founder Shigetaka Mochizuki and the young illustrator Yumeshi who travels around the world by drawing dragons in his peculiar style are two of the attention-grabbing participants.

Famous mangaka Satoshi Shiki will tell how he draws the Attack on Titan series and how he became mangaka, and perform a live show of how a mangaka draws in a live-draw session. Besides, he will present his signed original drawing to the winner of a lottery to be held among the participants of this session!! Those who miss this session may regret! Satoshi will also deliver a speech and distribute his signature.

Additionally, Jean Wacquet, the chief editor of Edition Soleil, one of the biggest comic publishers of France, looks for talented youths who want to be comic artist. Wacquet will give a seminar on how a successful portfolio should be and also meet people who want to be international illustrators and evaluate their portfolios.


This year, it will be the 3rd time Istanbul Comics and Art Festival, as an outdoor festival that offers creative experience areas such as workshop, conversation, exhibition, show, and public space applications over the comic, cartoon, street art, fanzine, illustration, and animation disciplines and brings drawing and street cultures together, will open doors to visitors.

ICAF is going to host Berliner curator Denis Leo Hegic in Istanbul with his urban art project on October 11 within the scope of the 30th anniversary celebrations of town twinning of Berlin and Istanbul. Throughout the festival, ten street artists will perform mural works on the walls of Beşiktaş.

Under the title “Like an Animal”, ICAF will bring up the animal powers of the comic heroes, animal dialogs in caricature, the relation between the street animals and public space, and representation of animals in art to the agenda.

In the event where you will discover old and new productions from the fanzine world through the shops and publishing houses that have brought the comics culture to Turkey, and special anthologies from the collectors, an anthology prepared with “animal” theme from local and foreign animations will also meet the audience.

The workshops in which drawing and all the drawing-related disciplines can be experienced in company with Turkey’s important drawers, and horizon-widening conversations over the production practices of master and young drawers will also be in ICAF.

The sub-culture representative punk and rap music groups will also take the stage throughout the festival. This year ICAF is going to be held in Feriye and Ortaköy on October 12-13.