Midtown Hotel More Restaurant İnterior

More Restaurant


A registered hotel, an award-wining restaurant… Midtown Hotel is the only hotel in Talimhane, wherein the award-winner cooks cook. Midtown Hotel More Restaurant serves with a team returning from each contest in which they competed with prizes..

Midtown Hotel Lobby Coffee and Bar Area

Mlounge Cafe


Located in the lounge of our hotel, our cafe is your most pleasant point of escape thanks to its bright and comfortable atmosphere where you can have your small-scale business meetings..

Midtown Hotel Lounge Area

Coffee Break


Midtown Hotel's award-winner kitchen team offers delicious and different coffee break snacks also to our customers using our halls for meetings and organizations..


Midtown Hotel Istanbul - Lamartin Cad. No. 13, 34437 Taksim – Istanbul - Turkey

Phone: +90 212 361 6767

Web: www.midtown-hotel.com