Istanbul is a city that welcomes as many tourists as its own population every year. Come here for business or entertainment, the thing that determines the course of your visit is to select the hotel you will stay at in such a big metropolis.

While selecting a hotel, the price seems to be the top determinant at first. However, although the price of the hotel you will choose is low, if your demands are not met, that accommodation experience may be not that much pleasant. In other words, it is more important than anything that the hotel you will choose can meet your demands.



İstanbul toplu taşım haritası

According to the researches made, the most important criteria in hotel selection is the location of the hotel. To sum it up in a single sentence, ‘The location is the most important factor to consider while selecting a hotel.’

If you visit Istanbul for vacation, it is very important how close you are to the sights in this city located on two continents. The closer you are to the central points of the city and the transportation stations, the more comfortably you can tour the city.

If you are coming to Istanbul for a business meeting, obviously you must be close to the business, congress, and fair centers, and have easy access to such places through the available means of transport. Otherwise, you may have to spend most of your time en route, in traffic.

Briefly, the location is very important. Selecting a hotel at the wrong location may ruin your accommodation and vacation.



midtown hotel

Midtown Hotel offers its guests the opportunity of traveling the entire Istanbul easily. Perfectly positioned to discover this magnificent city, Midtown Hotel is just a walk away from the subway and the other public transport vehicles. Midtown Hotel is just a walk away from the cultural centers such as Istanbul Congress Center, Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center, and Beyoğlu, which are congress and fair centers.

The Reception and Concierge team of Midtown Hotel is ready to help you with every issue 24 hours a day from your check-in to check-out.