Globally recognized as the day of the evil, Friday the 13th has actually caught the attention due to the movie titled “Friday the 13th” renowned for its cult character Jason Voorhees. The first one of two Fridays the 13th of the year 2020 is in this week!

Here’s our suggestions for 13 legendary haunting thriller movies for this Friday the 13th, which we have selected especially for you!

1) Friday the 13th

The main site of the movie is the Camp Crystal Lake… This is an abandoned youth camp where mysterious murders were committed decades ago. A daredevil brave entrepreneur decides to put the camp into service again and employs staff composed of handsome boys and beautiful girls. When a rainstorm isolates the camp from the rest of the world, horrible deaths start. The youths are murdered one by one in horribly creative ways.

2) Mirrors

‘Mirrors’ is another horror movie you cannot watch alone. Retired cop Ben Carson finds a job as security guard in a department store. This department store is not an ordinary department store. Burned down previously, everybody working in the department store burned to death terribly. Only survivors are the mirrors. Ben Carson senses a weirdness in the mirrors. The mirrors try to communicate with him. Trying to understand the weird images, Carson is forced to fight an evil spirit threatening him and his family.

3) Orphan

Kate and John are devastated by tragic death of their unborn child. They decide to adopt a child to normalize their life. When they go to the local orphanage, they feel as if they are attracted by a little girl called Esther, but Esther is not what she appears to be.

4) The Ring

The first film of the series is the best one in our opinion. There is a videotape, which is deadly. After watching the videotape, the phone rings and a voice on the phone says you will die within 7 days. The journalist Rachel, who has decided to investigate the incident when four young friends died after watching the videotape, watches it to see what it is. From then on, the lives of the young woman and her child are also in danger. Rachel, who will also die if she cannot solve the mystery within 7 days, tries to investigate it and find a solution rapidly.

5) Split

Regarded as one of the best horror and thriller movies of the recent years, Split came out in the year 2016 and became one of the most watched thrillers of that year. As for the storyline, James McAvoy’s stunning performance makes the movie, which is a psychological thriller, even better. The movie is about the story of Kevin Crumb who has split personality disorder and three little sisters, which will make havoc of your psychology.

6) A Quiet Place

One of the most successful horror films of the recent years, A Quiet Place is an excellent example of the horror and thriller genre. The film focuses on the life of a family with two kids in a quiet region. In this family, the kids cannot talk, but this is not a health-related problem. Everybody in the house has to be silent and communicate by using sign language. There are ambiguous monsters lurking around the house to hunt them down if they make any sound. The sequel of the series is coming to the theaters in March 2020!

7) Get Out

A young black man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), together with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) goes to meet her family. However, there is something weird in this town. The black people living here vanish mysteriously. Another black man living there tells Chris to get out of there right away, but this will not be so simple.

8) Hereditary

Standing out for Toni Collette’s magnificent performance especially, Hereditary is one of the uncanniest movies you could ever watch. Keeping you on the hop every second, the movie has become a production the horror fans have been looking forward to watch since the release of its trailer. Ari Aster’s first feature-length attempt Hereditary is also outstanding for impressive performances of Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne, and Alex Wolff.

9) The Conjuring

Based on a true story, The Conjuring is about an eerie case the world-renowned couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have tried to investigate and unravel supernatural incidents, had once encountered. When they have been called by the Perron family, Ed and Lorraine Warren are unaware of the fact that they will assume the most frightening task of their lives. The reclusive farmhouse of the Perron family has been besieged by an obscure dark entity, and thus, the life of the family has turned into a nightmare. When the experienced Warren couple, who believe that they could solve this case, notice how diabolic the entity before them, it will be too late…

10) The Human Centipede

In this film, we witness Dr. Hieter, who has a wicked brain, while he implements his idea of making a human centipede by connecting people to each other through their excretory systems, which could make even the Nazi doctors jealous.

11) Suspiria

A year 2018 remake, the movie is set in Berlin, 1977. An American young woman Susie Bannion enlists in the world-renowned dance school Markos Tanz Company. Just around the times Susie arrived there, Jessica, another member of the school has vanished mysteriously. While making an extraordinary progress under guidance of Madame Blanc, the revolutionist art director of the school, Susie makes a friend named Sara. In the course of time, two friends begin to suspect that this prestigious school and its administrators keep a dark secret…

12) Slender Man

In a small Massachusetts town, a group of friends perform a ritual to confute the Slender Man legend. When one of the girls in the group disappears mysteriously, they suspect that she may be the latest victim of Slender Man.

13) Midsommar

Controversially one of the best horror movies of 2019, but surely the most debated production of the year, Midsommar is about what has befallen the young couple who had hit the road to participate in the Midsommar festival organized in a small village in Sweden.